Chia Oat Berry Breakfast Pudding

In my day job (yes sadly this website is just a little hobby) I regularly work a very early shift, which means I always try to make breakfast the night before to take to work with me, as finding the time to prepare something fresh and healthy at 4.30am is simply not going to happen. I rarely get to actually eat it much before 9am due to the busy nature of my job.. so when I do, I’m generally starving and desperately in need of a decent restorative break.

This particular breakfast bowl was a happy accident of chucking everything into a pot overnight and hoping for the best – and indeed it was the best! It’s packed full of protein, has enough of a carb boost to restore me for the rest of the morning, and tastes just like pudding – hence the name.


20g porridge oats

15g chia seed

25g vanilla protein powder

100 ml almond milk

100g greek yogurt

80g frozen or fresh berries

5g dessicated coconut

5g toasted flaked almonds


Put the oats, chia seed, protein powder, milk and yogurt into a bowl or pot, and stir well to dissolve the powder. Stir in the berries and leave to soak overnight. Top with the coconut and almonds before tucking in. Add an extra splash of milk if you find the consistency too puddingy!

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