Sweet potato banana pancakes

A great healthy pancake recipe – perfect for a weekend breakfast for kids, or pimp up your toppings for a decadent dessert

Burger Night

The husband is always a very happy man on burger night.. a couple of secret ingredients make these little beauties extra tasty

Spicy Shashuka

A deliciously indulgent weekend breakfast or brunch that’ll set you up for the day

Chicken Chorizo Stew

Perfect winter comfort food, this chicken chorizo stew is a great healthy freezer meal and can be tarted up for a dinner party too

Boxing Day Salad

The perfect antidote to Christmas Day stodge, this salad is fresh, healthy and delicious and makes a great accompaniment to cold turkey or ham. The salty feta beautifully offsets the sweet little jewels of pomegranate and the lentils provide a good dose of carbs without overloading delicate tummies. Of course it’s just as good on…

Apricot pear porridge

A firm favourite breakfast for the children, this can be blended to make perfect baby porridge and is just as tasty and filling for adults too

Eat on Everything Tomato Sauce

Make a big batch of this sauce at the weekend then spoon into pasta, spread over pizza bases or turn into a tasty Mediterranean chicken bake for meal options through the week.

Spicy roast squash with feta

An extremely versatile dish which makes a great side for a roast, or can be tossed through salad or stuffed into pitta bread for a delicious lunch

Bonfire Soup

This bonfire soup is supremely comforting yet remains healthy, and just shouts β€˜autumn’ in both colour and flavour. It is also extremely quick and easy to make.

Date Syrup Banana Flapjacks

These are everything I like a flapjack to be.. soft, sticky and delicious. They contain only four ingredients, and are refined sugar and dairy free

Courgette Fritters

These little fritters are a delicious low carb lunch or would make a good little starter.

Green Soup

The simplest soup possible with a gorgeous vibrant colour that shouts about all the goodness that’s in it.

Little key lime pots

A zesty little dinner party dessert which is lower in fat and calories than your standard cheesecake or posset

Favourite Fig starter

A delicious little starter during fig season which is incredibly simple to make and extremely tasty to eat

Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites

These lovely little energy balls are refined sugar, gluten and dairy free but still a little bit naughty and very delicious

Greatest Guinness Cake

This cake wins all popularity contests and has become so renowned and requested among school mums it’s due to be auctioned off at the summer fair

Best Brownies

These are absolute beauties. The genius stroke of leaving the chocolate in chunks before transferring to the oven means they simply ooze melted chocolate once baked – all the better for serving warm with vanilla ice cream.

Seasonal Greens

When it comes to seasonal food May and June win hands down. Earthy green asparagus, the gaudy bright yellow of the courgette flower and of course luscious juicy red strawberries – everything about this time of year suggests a fresher way of eating, a world away from the comforting stodge of winter.

A tale of three pancakes

The making of pancakes implies a lazy weekend, or a half term of pottering, and reminds me that every now and again we should just slow down and enjoy..both the cooking and the eating.

Sticky Toffee Porridge

Perfect for any little people with a sweet tooth – a decadent and delicious yet healthy porridge recipe