Summer fish traybake

A simple summery supper that is great for using up the glut of courgettes right now

Chia Oat Berry Breakfast Pudding

A make-ahead healthy breakfast that was the happy accidental result of sticking a load of good stuff in a pot and hoping for the best. If pudding for breakfast is your thing, this is definitely one to try

Raspberry Almond Muffins

The result of a last minute baking panic, these came out pleasingly well.. not overly sweet they make a great breakfast or after school option

Chewy Banana Flapjacks with Chocolate Topping

Chewy and chocolately, these are great for a after school pick-me-up or tea-time treat and if not completely guilt-free they do at least contain plenty of healthy and energising ingredients

Chuck it all in Harrisa Chicken

Chuck it all into one dish, stick it in the oven and bingo, a fabulously tasty meal for casual weekend entertaining or a family feast